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Wind takes boom down

5. October 2017 | Comments (3)

The boom and jib of a large crawler crane came down in strong winds last week at a gas plant in Jazan, South West Saudi Arabia.

Jizan Saudi
The crane before the boom and jib came down

Jizan Saudi
The crane itself remained stable

We understand that the crane, a Liebherr owned by the Sarens Nass joint venture, was left overnight with the boom at 85 degrees, a long luffing jib and suspended counterweight.

Jizan Saudi
Although the damage is extensive

Jizan Saudi
The boom and jib

Overnight winds took the jib and boom over the back of the crane, but no one was hurt or injured in the incident. An investigation is underway to discover how the incident occurred. The companies involved declined to comment while the investigation is ongoing.

Jizan Saudi
Another view

Note: Jazan is often spelt Jizan and sometimes Gizan or Gazan.
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Mike Ponsonby
7. October 2017 13:51

Good Afternoon Mr Editor,

Crane Operators already know that Lifting Operations are Inherently Dangerous as we are continuously attempting to defeat Gravity with every single Lift. Moreover with 458 Fatalities arising from Crane and/or Lifting Incidents Worldwide including 35 in the UK since 010907.

The List is ongoing with Alphen, Bangkok, Bridge of Don, Caracas, Didcot, Dunbar, Edinburgh, Falcon, Germany, Hagesund, Hinckley, Invergordon, Japan, Kolkata, London, Mecca, Mostyn, New York, Oslo, Paris, Peterhead, Queensferry, Rio, Saudi-Arabia, Tacoma, USA, Vermont, Washington, Wigan (Scout Moor) and Zeebrugge all witnessing Crane Incidents in recent years.

So as it is Very Noticeable that No-One in the Crane Industry speaks up for the Dead, I will. Moreover in the absence of any other Crane Safety Initiatives, it is my submission to the Crane Industry that we?..

a). Adopt Safe Systems of Work, so that when something goes wrong it does not Lead to Death(s) or Injury(s).

b). Start a Safety Training Programme called How to Avoid Crane Incidents incorporating the Laws of Physics.

c). Invite the CEO and all others invited to attend, because if he or she is not committed to Crane Safety, No-one else will be.

Finally and in closing this weasel word Accident should now be consigned to the dustbin of history, as its use perpetuates the Myth that Safety cannot be managed.

When self-evidently Safety was clearly Manageable both in London, Crewe and Saudi-Arabia : Why, Because Worker Safety is Important, very important and much too Important to leave it to chance.

With Kindest Regards
Mike Ponsonby

6. October 2017 12:57

Nothing too heavy
Nothing too high!

Ahmed Trabelsi
6. October 2017 09:20

Fortunately no injuries,but this accident could be avoided if the boom have been lowered to the ground especially when mounted with a luffing jib configuration?




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