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What risk assessment?

29. September 2017 | Comments (0)

Spotted at West Croydon Underground station in London a man working on the entrance canopy

It seems that he used a step ladder to gain access, shimmying up onto the canopy where he is working. The sides are totally unguarded. He does though have plenty of room in terms of depth, but he work is likely to take him close to the ends and then there is getting up and down from that step ladder.

West Croydon underground
West Croydon underground.. spot the man working at height

In the words of our correspondent: “I spotted this man working on the station canopy at West Croydon earlier. He'd somehow struggled up there from the stepladder seen to the right hand side of the canopy. The edge is completely unguarded and he seemed to be doing work on the fascia.”

You have to wonder what the risk assessment and more particularly the Method Statement looked like? Given this is the London Underground. Perhaps something like this: “Take a step ladder. climb to the top step, ignoring the decal saying ‘Do not use’ and then pull yourself up onto the canopy. Extra care will be needed coming down- make sure that you do not push the ladder over as your foot seeks that top rung out. While working on the canopy take care when working near the edge.”

West Croydon underground
A closer look, hard to imagine what the method statement looked like?

Thankfully this time it did not result in a serious accident – as far as we know – next time he may not be so lucky. Definitely one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend
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