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Fatal boom lift incident

12. September 2017 | Comments (2)

One man has died, while another was seriously injured yesterday after the boom lift they were using overturned at a high school football stadium in Jasper, Indiana.

The two men worked for Hulsman Electric, and were using the boom lift to install lights at the Jerry Brewery Alumni Stadium. They had apparently completed their work and were bringing the boom down when the machine overturned, throwing them to the ground from a height of around 12 metres.

Earl Hulsman, 62, died from his injuries shortly after arriving at hopsital, while his colleague Kurt Brescher, 60, was badly injured and remains in hospital, his injuries are not considered to be life threatening.

We have not seen anything that confirms the coroner’s statement that this was a boom lift, and have no photos or information that might help shed some light on the cause of the overturn.


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Always Learning
18. September 2017 18:30

There is one photo I could find online showing the orientation of the machine and the type of ground they were on. All good information for future prevention. Hopefully more details will be released.

Fast cat
13. September 2017 01:17

It was an older JLG 80Hx . From the look of it they where booming straight in with out lowering the boom and were side ways which put all the weight of the boom over the counter weight. The lift is still on the ground resting on the counter weight and boom with all 4 tires off the ground.


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