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Another tree overturn

9. September 2017 | Comments (5)

A crane overturned onto a home in the Brookhaven, suburb of Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday while removing a large oak tree from the back garden/yard.

It seems that the crane, a three axle Liebherr, was simply overloaded when the tree section it was given proved to be heavier than estimated.

The load proved heavier than expected

The crane was lifting directly over the rear with the outriggers well set up on mats. The homeowners were in at the time but thankfully no one was injured in the incident. The home though sustained considerable damage as the crane boom sliced into it.

Atlanta Georgia
The damage to the home is substantial

Two large All Terrain cranes from Southway Crane were called in yesterday to recover the overturned crane.

Vertikal Comment

Lifting trees has to be by far and away the load that causes the most crane overturns, bar none. Surely the messages has to be never trust a tree workers estimate of the weight he is about to unleash on the crane.
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11. September 2017 23:14

You can take a crane man and make a tree man out of him. Unfortunately you can't make a crane man out of a tree man..................

Robert Page
11. September 2017 15:54

Unknown weight of the load + bypassing the LMI = the end result.

the crane instructor
10. September 2017 18:49

Another tree, another crane, another house,.... another again?? Don't underestimate the weight of a tree. Not sure about the weight? Try to remove the tree in parts. That's what I always did.

Tristam Mayes
9. September 2017 10:48

I wonder what will cause more devastation in the next few days? Hurricane Irma or American crane drivers? Either way roofs and cranes will be destroyed by both.

Crane lads
9. September 2017 09:35

Not again when will this practice stop.


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