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World’s largest reachstacker

5. September 2017 | Comments (0)

Danish fork truck and industrial lifting equipment distributor N.C. Nielsen has designed a 152 tonne reachstacker, which the company claims will be the world's largest.

The new model is based on a Konecranes 4545, and will weigh 110 tonnes. Its overall length then stowed of 15 metres, with an overall width of 4.9 metres and a maximum lift height of 15.4 metres. The upgrade to the Konecranes model includes a stronger boom, more counterweight, larger lift cylinders and a withdrawn chassis to allow the machine to get closer to the load. It is being built at N.C. Nielsen's facility in Balling, northern Denmark, and the first model is expected to be ready for delivery by the end of the year. The company has previously developed reachstackers with a 100 tonne lift capacity for the wind turbine industry. It is scheduling a small production run of the new reachstacker in 2018, to cater for increased demand for larger machines.

NC Nielsen reachstacker
A 3D graphic of the new reachstacker

Technical manager Per Nielsen said: "Most components of our new reachstacker have been enlarged. It takes numerous calculations, trial assemblies and tests to succeed. However, after a very exciting development process, our engineers managed to find the 'formula' for our new reachstacker."

NC Nielsen reachstacker
The reachstacker will be able to lift 152 tonnes

N.C. Nielsen, a Linde dealer, is the largest supplier of fork lifts, terminal tractors and special machines in Denmark, with a range of equipment including reachstackers, forklifts and pallet trucks. It operates from its two operations in Balling and Karslunde and employs 225.


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