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Training card acceptance UK

4. August 2017 | Comments (0)

A number of our rental company readers in the UK have experienced problems with staff gaining access to Build UK – previously UK Contractors Group MCG - sites due to the lack of a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card.

The issue has come about as the organisations implement a decision to only allow construction workers on site that carry a training card carrying the CSCS logo. The issue has been compounded by the ending of the Construction Related Occupation (CRO) card and the decision not to place the CSCS logo on any cards related to non-construction related occupations.

In some cases those policing entrances to sites are failing to accept an IPAF PAL card. It seems that those most affected are delivery drivers and service engineers as well as truck mounted lift operators. The fact is many people need to get on site but are not related to construction skills at all, such as delivery drivers, accountants and salesman.

Build UK states: “The CLC decision and card schemes carrying the CSCS logo both relate to construction occupations only. It is recognised that due to the diverse nature of construction projects, there are occasions where a person may need to access site to perform a non-construction occupation or activity e.g. delivery of materials to site, catering staff, security guards, visitors etc and it is not expected that these individuals will carry a CSCS card. They may however still need to provide evidence that they can carry out their task safely. They may also require a separate risk assessment and additional supervision.”

The IPAF PAL card is accepted and demanded by Build UK for anyone wishing to operate an aerial work platform on its sites. However most of those will be using the platform to carry out a construction related task for which they will need a CSCS card. If a platform operator is bringing a machine on site which he will simply operate then a PAL card will suffice.

A delivery driver dropping off a machine can use the PAL card to show proof that he has been trained to unload the platform and should have no problem. A service engineer arriving on site to fix or service machine will of course also benefit from having a PAL card, as he will almost certainly need to operate the machine in order to fix or test it after fixing it.

The last two sentences from the statement by Build UK - “They may however still need to provide evidence that they can carry out their task safely. They may also require a separate risk assessment and additional supervision” - might be causing some confusion, although it can be clearly stated that a PAL card, or for that matter a PASMA card indicates that the person has evidence that they are competent.

ALLMI and CISRS/NASC cards can be ordered with the CSCS logo.
IPAF is aware of the recent problems experienced by some of its members and has taken it up with Build UK.
Click here to go direct to the Build UK bulletin on this subject
It might be a good idea to make sure that all staff know exactly what the rules are and perhaps carry a copy of the Build UK advice on this.

We are following up on this issue with Build UK and CSCS in the meantime if you have any examples of problems or would like to add to the debate either leave a comment here or email us at
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