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New 18.40 RXJ True Hybrid Compact

Genie hybrids for Wemo-Tec

4. August 2017 | Comments (0)

German access rental company Wemo-Tec has taken delivery of the first units of nine new Genie hybrid aerial lifts.

The order includes three 60ft Z-60/37 FE hybrid articulated booms, three 33ft Z-33/18 electric articulated booms, and three 33ft GS-3369 BE bi-energy Rough Terrain scissor lifts. The Z-60/37 provides an outreach of 11.15 metres and an up-and-over clearance of 7.4 metres, whilst the Z-33/18 provides an outreach of 5.6 metres and an up-and-over clearance of 4.8 metres. Both machines have a platform capacity of 230kg.

Wemo-Tec Genie
The first Genie units have been delivered

Wemo-Tec managing director Joachim Nießner said: “We have a good long term relationship with Genie and have great trust in the quality of the innovative Genie machines. Consequently, we have every reason to believe in these environment-friendly models. We are expecting them to play an essential part in our company’s development. Customers’ attitudes are changing, and the question of emissions and noise levels is an increasingly important factor when choosing machines. These days operators have much stronger views about avoiding working in a polluted, noisy environment. But at the same time, being restricted in terms of performance is out of the question.”

Wemo-Tec Genie
The Wemo-Tec team (L-R) Michael Vogel, Thomas Zimmer, Andreas Renninger, Ehrenfried Hillenbrand of Genie, Thomas Armbrüster, Andreas Wahn, Felix Kettner, Stefan Geiger, Jan Tischendorf, Thomas Wörner, Sascha Zonneveld and Joachim Nießner

“With these new environmentally friendly machines, we are creating a new ‘green’ product group that we intend to market separately. Over the coming five years, we are expecting this new category will grow rapidly to represent a much larger proportion of our fleet.”

Based in Eichenzell, Hesse, Wemo-Tec employs 200 and runs a fleet of around 550 machines, with Genie equipment making up around half of the aerial lift fleet.
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