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Genie Z-135s for Egypt

19. June 2017 | Comments (0)

Orascom Trading has supplied two 135ft Genie ZX-135/70 articulated boom lifts to the Siemens/Orascom Construction consortium building the world’s largest and most efficient combined cycle power plants in the Lake Burrulus area on the mediteranean cost to the east of Alexandria, and at Beni Suef- to the south of Cairo and in the new adminstration capital to the east of Cairo.

The two new booms join a fleet on Burrulus site that includes 10 Genie platforms, ranging from the 80ft Z-80/60 boom lifts to 40ft GS-4047 scissors lifts, alongside 18 metre/4,000kg Genie GTH-4018 telehandlers.

Cairo based Orascom trading became an authorised Genie distributor last year, when it switched from being an internal equipment supplier to the Orascom group to an open market distribution company, serving all types of customers throughout the country.

The new Genie Z-135/70 at work in Barolos, Egypt
The new Genie Z-135/70 at work in Barolos, Egypt

The Z-135/70 has a 43.15 metre working height and a maximum outreach of 21.26 metres at an up and over clearance of 23 metres, with a 272kg platform capacity. They also include a two section telescopic articulated jib. They will be used for electric installation, panelling, cladding, the application of industrial coatings among, they were delivered with the airline to the platform and welding options.

Orascom Construction’s equipment manager Yasser El Saied said: “Orascom Trading has been our group’s internal equipment provider for the past 20 years, and when it comes to leading brands they definitely know their business. It came as no surprise to us when they signed up as a Genie distributor last November. Now that we have direct access to the wider range of Genie machines, we have had the opportunity to see their superior quality. Our operators have also been able to experience their ease of operation. We are now keen to lay our hands on as many as we can, and as far as the activity of Orascom Construction goes, that means big numbers.”

“We are impressed by the versatility and precision of the Genie ZX™-135/70 booms which are proving irreplaceable for a wide range of the plant’s highest-reaching tasks. We are also using them to support jobsite supervisors monitoring the quality of work on going on steel and concrete structures, and to assist in the inspection of completed sections of the plant. Once the job is completed, we will be using them for maintenance duties on both sites.”

The three new power stations all of whcih are larger than any built so far, are updated versions of the highly efficient Fortuna power plant in Dusseldorf and will double the power input into Egypt’s national grid supply. The Beni Suef plant has already begun generatiing some power just 18 month after the initial contract was signed!

The new Genie Z-135/70 at work in Barolos, Egypt
The new booms are being used for a wide variet of tasks from inspection to electrical installation
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