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Blatant optimism

16. June 2017 | Comments (3)

Received from a reader in the USA – a photo of a trailer lift setting up over an empty swimming pool, the chances of the set up working with the cribbing used have to be pretty low.

We have no indication of when and where exactly this photo was taken, it is clearly somewhere in the USA, and shows the trailer lift being set up with its tyres on the very edge of the pool, and the rear outriggers extending over the pool.

Trailer over the pool
Reversed i to the very edge of the pool, but will that cribbing stay in place?????

An attempt has been made to place cribbing below each of the outriggers in the pool, but they clearly have nothing like enough wood blocks and have instead attempted to stretch what they do have to fit. The only thing keeping the lift from toppling in is that it is still attached to the pick up truck.

trailer and the pool
A closer look

If our man plans to unhitch the lift, the chances of it remaining stable is about as low as you can get. In fact the operator is likely to be far better off falling from the stowed position , rather than managing to raise the boom and have the blocks fall out while he is in the air. Clearly the plan is to work over the rear to reach the ceiling area, this putting most pressure on those rear stabilisers.

The mind boggles!

Definitely one for our Death Wish series – have a safe weekend


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16. June 2017 18:46

The stupidity of my countrymen never ceases to amaze me.

Jim Longstaff
16. June 2017 17:19

Looks like he's from the shallow end ... of the gene pool!

Float your load
16. June 2017 14:35

Get ready with your spreadsheets Mike Ponsonby, looks like America has 2 more statistics for you coming your way... Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon.... very soon !



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