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CTE Zed21JHVS3 for Blade

16. June 2017 | Comments (0)

UK based Blade Access is adding the new 21 metre CTE Zed 21.2JHV S3 articulated truck mounted lift to its fleet.

The company has placed a significant order for the new model, mounted on the 3.5 tonne Nissan Cabstar NT400 chassis, compliant to Euro5b+. The new model is the first CTE machine to feature fully variable electronic outrigger/jacking set up – the rear outriggers are fixed, while the front can be extended independently on both sides, one side only, left fully retracted or any combination of the above – the system once set the machine will sense it will then calculate the best range diagram for that specific configuration.

The Zed 21.2JHV S3 features a dual sigma type riser, two section telescopic boom and articulated jib with up to 10 metres of outreach with 100kg while maximum platform capacity is 300kg. Up and over reach is just under nine metres. The jib articulates up to 1405 degrees, and attaches to the front of the basket, rather than being pedestal mounted.

CTE Zed 21.2JHV S3 articulated
The first two CTE Zed 21.2JHV S3 truck mounts for Blade

Co-owners of Blade Access Jamie Bairstow and Mark Bell, and their team spent time researching the market and evaluating various lightweight truck mounted lifts available, before selecting the CTE Zed21.2JHV S3, and have stated that the electronic outrigger sensing and variable jacking features played a major in the decision they took.

They said: “Following a market review of the latest truck mounted platforms available in this 3.5 tonne category, our initial evaluation quickly pointed towards the CTE products. Carefully considering all our client and reliability requirements, CTE UK provided a product package that not only satisfies these requirements but was also delivered within the preferred time scales and price point. It has been a pleasure to re-establish our historical relationship with CTE in the UK and we look forward to extending this further in the future”.

(L-R) Carl Silcox of Blade Access and Roger Elliott of CTE UK
(L-R) Carl Silcox of Blade Access and Roger Elliott of CTE UK

CTE UK managing director Graeme Hill added: “We are delighted to receive this important order from such a highly respected access company, and are pleased that the CTE truck mounted platform was chosen to complement their current fleet of truck and track mounted access platforms.”


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