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Mandatory audit for UK IPAF rental members

14. June 2017 | Comments (5)

All rental company members of IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) in the UK will in future be required to submit to an annual Rental+ audit.

The move follows a resolution adopted by IPAF’s UK Country Council and approved at the federation’s Annual General Meeting in April . The two year transition period for the new mandatory audit will come into force this September, with all new and current rental members needing to submit to the annual audit, the passing of which will provide them with IPAF Rental+ status. Current members will have until September 2019 to comply.

The existing IPAF Rental+ scheme will be modified to include bronze, silver or gold accreditation levels, dependant on members meeting certain key criteria during the audit process.

IPAF’s Rental+ scheme was recently accredited by Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP), providing automatic SSIP accreditation for all member companies audited under the new system.

IPAF chief executive Tim Whiteman said: “This is a really positive evolution of IPAF membership for rental firms in the UK. It is important to point out that this change has been driven from within. It reflects our members’ desire that end users should have the utmost confidence that using an IPAF member company is the best guarantee in the marketplace that their clients will always receive the highest possible levels of safety, expertise and customer service.”

IPAF Rental+ logo

The audit is designed to provide a management tool to signpost where and how businesses can improve their health & safety, quality and environmental performance, add recognised value to rental businesses and reduce time and cost spent completing other pre-qualifying questionnaires. It also supports or leads to ISO9001, 14001 and 18001 certification. The IPAF Rental+ accreditation also remains open to IPAF rental members internationally.
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barry brady
15. June 2017 17:08

As usual Malcolm, the voice of reason. I can be more volatile as you know! I am just getting a little bit annoyed with the constant red tape we are all having to complete. FORS, CrossRail, CLOCs, and that paperwork is just for the Trucks to operate. Legislation and Genuine Safety are very important, form filling chargeable compliance for the sake of it will be the death of us all!!!!!

Malcolm Bowers
15. June 2017 13:55

I really do agree with Jim and Barry but let's give IPAF the opportunity to put out the full story with all the facts before we get too negative about it.
Becoming a member by getting your mates to propose and a second you was never going to keep standards high.
Let's see how it pans out.

barry brady
14. June 2017 11:01

Very Very similar to the FORS requirements I believe. Bronze, Silver and Gold? I would hope that this is not just more red tape to tie us all up in unnecessary knots for yet another compliance watchdog. If it is to help raise standards then i will watch with interest as to actions taken against those that DON'T comply. I thought the general idea was to improve standards and saefty and reduce red tape across all businesses to improve efficiency and REAL Safety?

Jim Longstaff
14. June 2017 10:00

So,the questions are:
1) What is the cost of this?
2) Will an IPAF member who does not conform to Bronze standard or refuses the audit be kicked out of IPAF/lose their membership?
3)If everyone attains IPAF Rental Plus status doesn't this then reduce the impact of its attainment?

Malcolm Bowers
14. June 2017 09:08

Now that makes sense to me.


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