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New Versalift model

14. June 2017 | Comments (0)

Versalift and Mercedes-Benz Unimog have worked in partnership to develop a new 15 metre go anywhere vehicle mounted aerial work platform.

The Versalift LAT-38-150-H with 1KW low voltage insulation, is mounted on a 7.5 tonne Unimog U218 - 2,800mm wheelbase - chassis. The new model, which had its worldwide unveiling at Vertikal Days is aimed at the utility market, for work on or close by low-voltage power lines in difficult to reach areas.

Versalift LAT-38-150-H
Versalift LAT-38-150-H

While Versalift has mounted its platforms on Unimog chassis for many years this is the first time that the two companies have worked in partnership to develop a new model. It is now being made available to interested buyers for field trials.

Versalift UK director Andy Bray said: “The new demonstrator ticks a lot of boxes as an entry-level, Unimog-based alternative to less flexible equipment such as tracked spider lifts which have to be towed into position. For low voltage line work, perhaps by tree care teams clearing foliage, it’s a highly attractive proposition.”

Unimog Versalift
(L-R) Unimog's Bernhard Dolinek, with Versalift's Andy Bray and Cameron Burnett at Vertikal Days

Unimog head of special trucks Bernhard Dolinek added: “This compact but highly capable and efficient new product offers the utility companies the opportunity to benefit from the design and engineering excellence of two market leaders, at a surprisingly low price.”


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