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Out on the roof

21. April 2017 | Comments (0)

Spotted a couple of weeks ago in Cornwall, a man climbing out of a work platform onto a roof with little apparent consideration for his safety.

The man – or his employer - has clearly taken the trouble to acquire what looks like a decent aerial work platform, but facing the usual challenge of how to work closely on a roof from a basket he has climbed out on the sloping roof. But while he has all the PPE gear on including helmet, and the magical hi-viz vest, he has not thought to harness himself to the platform.

Out on the roof hi-viz vest, hard hat but no harness!

Now to be fair he is upstream from the platform, which would most likely block his fall if he slipped so his chances in this case are good and it is a minor risk compared to most of the Death Wish submissions we receive. However it would not take a great deal of time and effort to have extended his lanyard and simply clicked on to the platform- that assumes he has a harness and lanyard of course.

Have a safe and happy weekend
Bronto Skylift Oy


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