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Educating on power line dangers

13. April 2017 | Comments (0)

South Dakota based Black Hills Energy and the Black Hills Electric Cooperative have joined forces to provide local school children with training sessions and demonstrations on the risks and dangers of electricity and overhead power lines.

The most recent event, included around 60 pupils from the Hot Springs Elementary school, who attended the session at Black Hills Energy’s depot in Hot Springs, South Dakota. Mike Chase and Travis Carlin of Black Hills Electric Cooperative provided a vivid live demonstration of what happens when contact is made with an overhead power line, with the aid of the company’s trailer mounted demonstration rig.

Mike Chase and Travis Carlin
Mike Chase and Travis Carlin demonstrate the power of live overhead lines

The children then went outside to learn about the utility’s bucket trucks how they are used safely, with some of them receiving a hand’s on demonstration. The entire event is aimed to educate youngsters on the power and dangers of electricity, while perhaps interesting some of them in a career in the utility sector.

South Dakota Black Hills Electric
The children are introduced to an aerial work platform

Jarvis Ellis, of Black Hills Energy said: “The demonstrations, now in their fourth year, are focused at teaching kids about electric safety. What you don’t know can hurt you, electricity is silent, but deadly. And what we are doing here is teaching the kids, and the adults who are here, to stay heads up, to stay aware. Kids need to know about this.”
IPAF safety sicherheit


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