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New Comansa luffer

17. February 2017 | Comments (0)

Spanish tower crane manufacturer Linden Comansa has launched a new LCL700 luffing jib tower crane, the largest in its range, the new model will be available from March.

Two versions of the LCL700 are being launched, with maximum capacities of 50 and 64 tonnes in two line configuration or 32 and 25 tonnes for single line higher speed operation. The maximum radius of the LCL700 is 65 metres at which the 64 tonne can lift 7.2 tonnes, whilst the 50 tonner manages lift 7.5 tonnes.

Linden Comansa
The new Linden Comansa LCL700 comes in 50 and 64 tonne versions

The counter jib radius is just 9.5 metres, and it can be reduced to 8.7 metres by using steel counterweights rather than concrete. Maximum hoist speeds are 134 metres a minute for the 64 tonne model, and 170 metres a minute on the 50 tonne.

Linden Comansa
The hoist motor reaches speeds of up to 170 metres per minute

The minimum radius on both models is just four metres, while the out-of-service radius is between 16 and 20.4 metres , depending on the jib length. Both models feature a high-capacity Lebus hoist cable drum, capable of stowing over 1,000 metres of rope, sufficient to work at heights of up to 500 metres in dual line lifting.


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