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Fatal tower crane incident

13. February 2017 | Comments (0)

A man died on Saturday in Dubai, while attempting to separate two tower cranes that had collided in the strong winds that the area experienced this weekend.

It seems that the jib and hoist cable of the higher tower crane had caught up in the mast of the other hammer head crane. The man climbed the crane and had succeed freeing up the cranes to a point that the jib of the higher crane swung and crushed him. According to paramedics he would have died instantly.

The recovery of the deceased is underway

Recovering the body from the 50 metre height proved challenging and involved two telescopic cranes, one equipped with a fully extended bi-fold swingaway held the top crane’s jib while the other supported a man basket, from which the rescue team worked.

A closer look at the situatiion

We will update this item, if and when we learn more.
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