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Technology frustrates

17. February 2017 | Comments (2)

Its Friday... and once again we have received something that amused us and we thought made a good point, while helping get you into the week spirit.
We are not sure we can keep this up all year, without getting boring, but thought this clip was highlighted an issue while being entertaining.

Technology is great, but ever increasing sophistication can make equipment too clever by half and disrupt efficiency, enough said - the video speaks for itself.

Have a happy safe weekend.


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18. February 2017 18:02

I can't wait until some over bright engineer integrates voice recognition technology into the LMI and computer systems of cranes..... perish the thought !

18. February 2017 07:58

Absolutely hilarious almost like a comedy shop. Laughter is so good for the soul and the soles of tired feet. The lady's voice reminded me of Siri on my iPhone...I won't talk to her! I think I'll try my Spanish dialect and see what she does just for the fun of it.
Be safe, be blessed and keep smiling!


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