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CE version of Smart-Rig crane

6. January 2016 | Comments (0)

US based Smart-Rig Cranes has introduced a CE certified version of its S1 micro crane, the S1 Global.

The tiny crane has a maximum capacity of 885kg, a six metre manually telescoped three section boom, providing a 5.5 metre hook height. It is battery powered, has an overall width of just 800mm and weighs 660kg and can pick & carry its full load chart. In addition to conforming fully to CE standards, the S1 Global also complies with standards for the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Smart-Rig S1 Global
The ultra compact Smart-Rig S1 Global is CE certifed and weighs just 660kg

The S1 Global uses the same fold-out outriggers, pull back counter weight water tank, and three piece manual pull out boom as the standard S1 crane, and includes a hoist with 30 metres of rope, along with a number of aesthetic and safety feature updates, including a tilt sensor alarm, weatherproof on-board charger, rear brakes, auto brake on winch, and dual safety stops on the boom.
Smart-Rig cranes was established in 2008 and launched its original micro crane in 2010 See New lightweight mini crane from a base in California, it is now headquarted in Vancouver, Washington.

Smart-Rig S1 Global
The micro crane has a 5.5 metre under hook height

Founder chief executive Josh Clark said: "The S1 Global has zero emissions, low noise levels and mobility for rooftop lifting, indoors or outdoors or tight spaces. The product functions for many industries who need portability including glass installation, HVAC, aircraft, maintenance, construction, vehicle motor and parts repair and many more."
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