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High Indian street art

7. April 2014 | Comments (0)

A big boom was used by German graffiti artist Hendrik Beikirch and local Delhi artist, Anpu Varkey, during the recent New Delhi Street Art Festival.

The lift, a 125 ft Genie S125, was supplied by Manlift India, and was used to create the largest painting ever of Mahatma Gandhi, on the exterior wall of the New Delhi Police headquarters. The wall measures 45 x 12 metres and the artist said: "Without a manlift it would be nearly impossible to create a mural of this height, in terms of the safety, versatility and functionality required for the job."

New Delhi
The mural on the 45 metre high building

The mural is around 12 metres high

Beikirch is known for painting large faces on buildings worldwide. In 2012, he painted a 70 metre image of a man’s face onto a building in South Korea, the largest mural in Asia.

Anpu Varkey (L) and Hendrik Beikirch
The two artists Anpu Varkey (L) and Hendrik Beikirch

Manlift India country manager Atul Sharma added: "We are extremely proud to be a part of this project from the beginning. The wonderful creation will tower over the city for decades to come and it has been our pleasure to be able to provide our machinery and technical operators for the project duration. I am very proud also of our team’s performance throughout the job, initially assessing the structure and height of the building, taking into account the requirement of the artists and assigning the correct machinery for the job.”

“Safety is our first concern with all of our rental contracts and the mitigation of risk. In this case ensuring that both the artists had a basic working knowledge of the harness systems we supplied as well as safe practices whilst working at height was a priority. High profile projects like this enable us to educate the public on the economic, safety and efficiency benefits of an aerial work platform over traditional access methods such as scaffolding or ladders.”

The Manlift group is based in Dubai, and runs a fleet of around 1,400 machines.


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