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Crane lands on McDonalds

20. September 2013 | Comments (39)

A small city crane overturned today onto a McDonalds restaurant in Consett, County Durham in the UK.

The crane, a two axle Kato city type Rough Terrain crane owned by Reedsbray Cranes of Gateshead, was lifting an outdoor chiller unit as part of the redevelopment work to the outlet's drive-through facility.

McDonalds Consett UK
The crane was set up in narrow configuration

The crane was short-rigged on both sides with outrigger jacks straight down- within the machines overall width, and mats were in use. It therefore looks as though this was an overloading issue of some kind.

The boom came down on the roof of the building

The restaurant was open at the time with customers and staff inside, but no one was hurt in the incident
Two larger cranes were called in to extract the crane from the roof.


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Paul Jones
3. October 2013 21:21

Can't believe the erased all the comments we were going for the Guinness book of records on comments made lol

3. October 2013 20:32

Why erase everything it's just banter?

Painful truth
3. October 2013 18:07

Arrogant?? maybe, maybe not. Incompetent?? Just remind me, when was the last time anyone was injured, or any damage was incurred on any lifting operations I've carried out?? 987 documents that says I've been lucky, ok

But as I said, each to their own, opinions vary.

Paul Jones
3. October 2013 17:17

Sorry. I am a little confused. You now say that because of 60-90 pay periods it's in the crane companies interests for you to pay for their service.

So are you now saying you do hire the crane ??, surely you don't pay for something you don't hire ??.

I appreciate that maybe you don't always hire the crane but it would be wrong to say as you did in one if your last comments you do hire the crane.

Mr Editor I think this is the exact reason why you should open a discussion topic in this,

Paul Jones
3. October 2013 17:10

My company is PJC consultants based in the US, so in reply to your last comments. You sometimes hire the crane but most of the time your client hires the crane. My question then to you is who is covering the insurance ?? Is it not hirer to insure under CPA crane hire ? Therefore they are insuring the crane but you are providing the service. If so in the event if an accident involving negligence on your part and considering you probably have professional indemnity insurance you would walk away and your client would foot the bill for the crane repair and continuing hire charges. Therefore I reiterate the client could be better hiring a contract lift off the crane company because they would be more protected ?

Painful truth
3. October 2013 16:55

No, the statement made was that we source cranes for the companies, if you read it correctly. And we only directly hire the cranes for said companies, when the request us to do so, which we have insurance coverage for. As to your question, it's quite simple. I was asked to leave my last job to go self employed by the client, because they wanted a fully hands on approach to all their requirements, not just the lifting operations. If they, the client, want to use our services to their benefit, then maybe it's because we don't just deal with lifting operations.

I don't go onto websites and criticise other companies, not really interested in what they do, to be honest. But, seeing as you decided to be critical of me and mine, why don't you name your company, to which, you say, you have so much knowledge from??

Paul Jones
3. October 2013 16:33

Did you not say in your previous comment that you do supply the crane ?? You may not own the crane but you do supply it. I was a owner of a construction company for a number of years and have extensive knowledge of all the items you mention which includes lifting operations and am fully aware of CPA terms and conditions as well.

I have answered your question but I note you did not give me one reason why a contractor should hire from a company like yours instead of a crane hire company I am pretty sure they can supply everything you can and more plus have a greater financial back up plus they own the equipment being used you do not therefore there is no middle man .

Painful truth
3. October 2013 16:13

As said, we don't supply cranes. We work with the project management teams of the companies. Tell me Paul, as an interest, can you please advise me as to your knowledge in costing's, programme projections, QS, lead times on fabrications, specialist service requirements for hazardous disposals, ground surveys, transportation and logistics, sub contractor approval, and all the other general stuff that crane companies do??

And our services aren't cheap, just involved

Painful truth
3. October 2013 14:42

wow, expert analysis, gotta love him.

Firstly, the companies we work for are very happy with the services provided by ourselves.
The companies we work for are multi nationals, not bob the builders.

We do not put a mark up on craneage supplied in, we source it, from reputable, local companies, in the locality to the works being carried out. There was never an implication, on our part, that we do put any mark ups on this service. In fact, we go to the extent of providing quotation from crane companies direct to the clients, so as to be seen as non prejudiced in suppliers.

Our company has worked on projects ranging from the Olympic Stadium Media Centre, to decommissioning works at St Fergus Gas Refinery. We also hold maintenance contracts on 2 Power Stations, for the 24 hour call out service and are involved in planning projects for the foreseeable future.

As for insurances, we have satisfied all companies we work for that we have adequate coverage in place. Like I said, we provide a good service, work to a high standard of safety, have an excellent safety record, owe nobody any monies outside of standard payment terms, and keep local crane companies supplied with work.

As for your sources, everybody has their own opinions, but I guess I should be worried, as they are probably the ones that count.

Paul Jones
3. October 2013 14:22

What I cannot understand is why anybody would rent a crane from a company that doesn't own cranes? This to me would just increase the insurance implications in the event of an accident. Under CPA terms the hirer has to insure therefore there are two hirers this will cause the main client a real problem. Maybe this is a real discussion for Maybe rental rates would be higher for the crane companies if they stopped hiring to these lifting companies and concentrated on going direct to the client. In my experience when you rent then re rent the cost goes up because they will put a mark up.

2. October 2013 19:29

Schofield crane hire ..... Great company by the way

pat casey
29. September 2013 22:58

hey lenny , pay peanuts and you get monkeys , its that simple fella ,

Deleted user
28. September 2013 04:49

Because you have left your full name haven't you Lenny??
Might be worth making sure you are right before criticising other people

27. September 2013 23:23

Surprised at you ,Pat Casey for your irrelevant input(your incident being 6 years ago) although you at least don't hide behind a pseudonym like most on this subject.

pat casey
25. September 2013 18:45

why didnt he straddle both lanes ??? , lifting over a building with people in it is a big no no , i got the job of lifting a 70 ton krupp off a house a few years ago lifting a hot tub over the roof in to the rear garden in sunderland , that was a reeds bray crane , set up on the pavement , no mats , ballast still sat on the carrier , full stick and over she went , what a mess it made , i cant believe they would let this happen again , thank god no one was hurt ,

24. September 2013 15:54

may this picture explains the reason for the short rig?????

Salford Expat
24. September 2013 14:01

And as for the Porche statements, personally, I wouldn't like to own a glorified Beetle, as Jeremy Clarkson so politely puts it, lol.

Sorry, just trying to break a little of the tension here

Salford Expat
24. September 2013 13:57

I think everybody is missing the overall point here guys.
If I were to be involved in the investigation on this accident, I would personally be asking some very clear questions in regards to the planning and execution of this operation, as there has been statements made in the local press that seem to conflict with the overall "picture that is being painted here.

Firstly, was this lifting operation carried out under a contract lift condition, or was it a CPA?? No-one seems to be forthcoming with this information.
Secondly, if this was not a contract lift, was there a method statement put in place, that was duly assessed before being signed off by the main contractor?? And was the operator fully conversant with the method statement, ie, was he briefed??
Third, why was the crane only rigged in a straight down configuration, when, using a scaling tool, it is obviously clear that the crane would be able to amply fully rig on one side, to which the Kato City crane is renowned for being able to do, due to beam proximity sensors. The ONLY reason that this would not have been possible, is if the actual Drive through lane was open, to which McDonalds told the local press wasn't the case?
Fourth, I would like to know if there has been an inquiry launched by the Health and Safety Executive into this accident. By rights, due to the very close proximity to the general public, the facility should have been closed during the lifting operation. As the crane was located directly in front of the serving window, it is known, to people who have installed/frequented these establishments, that the kitchen facility is directly behind this location, so there would obviously have been personnel working there.

I hold no personal issue with the company or personnel involved, but as I see it, there has obviously been a serious breakdown in the planning of this operation. Where in the past, companies were fully appreciative of their responsibilities in regards to lifting operations, maybe we should actually begin to look inwards and appreciate that client pressure, due to the current climate, is having an adverse effect upon sound judgement and common sense when it comes to the need of making ends meet. Not a critical statement to the general industry, to which I've been involved for a very long time, but as I said, a personal observation

Deleted user
23. September 2013 01:26

Editor, I totally agree but you are responsible for these people publishing remarks in regard to people's cars that are neither relevant or credible. You have the responsibility to sensor what is written and chose not to and that deminishes the story from the important issue which should be the fact the real people could have been killed here, you son, father, mother, daughter and to be honest to allow people to make fun of this on your website is wrong and you should be embarrassed. You need to take a long hard look at your own morals.

vertikal editor
23. September 2013 00:39

Can we please cut the personal jibes and comments which are not directly related to the incident. This sort of debate or exchange really ought to be taken up in the discussion forum rather than here.

Deleted user
22. September 2013 21:19

I'm not disputing that you may no the cause but to be honest you just sound like a jealous idiot. What car the owner drives has no bearing whatsoever to this accident, if he drive an old ford escort would this have stopped the accident happening? No it would not, I'm pretty certain also that Mr Bray didn't tell his operator to go out and turn the crane over. Also in regard to insurance if this is a CPA crane hire job then the hirer will insure and therefore the responsibility will be with the contractor,after all if this had been planned by a competent person and supervised the same way then this couldn't have happened, too many people thinking they have the knowledge to plan an operation. CITB will give an A61 to anyone

Short rig
22. September 2013 19:26

Pjc I Know what the cause was I spoke to the operator I'm laughing my head off perhaps p bray won't be as smug from now on they should call it the crane over company

Deleted user
22. September 2013 17:04

Rumor has it that Dabbs won't be commenting tomorrow as he has to sign on

Deleted user
22. September 2013 17:01

What from United States

22. September 2013 16:20

Word on the street is paul j consulting are involved.

22. September 2013 16:18

Word on the street is paul j consulting are involved.

22. September 2013 16:14

Pjc shut it

Deleted user
22. September 2013 15:41

I am amazed that this website allows this to turn into a comical nature involving insults. If you check the picture it's obvious that it it's either a sli malfunction or operator error. Why the operator has outriggers straight down when you can clearly get short riggers out is a topic for discussions. In the subject of short rig why doesn't the person who calls himself short rig just not comment when he has no intelligence, how can this be Mr Bray fault was he operating the crane oh maybe he parked his Porsche to close to the crane, grow up ! what difference does it make what car he has, just because he can afford one and you cannot maybe if you worked rather than commenting on this web site you could to ?

22. September 2013 15:33

I thought McDonalds had a, "no tipping" policy.

21. September 2013 23:50

by the looks of it the drive through road looks about as good as the crane !!

21. September 2013 21:06

Is this the 4th time he's tipped a crane?

21. September 2013 21:06

I just heard the operator works for Burger King now.

21. September 2013 21:03

I think this is great skill by Mr Rooney

Short rig
21. September 2013 17:13

Off course the crane could have been defective I hear the company director has just sold a crane to someone with a shed load of faults with it Doesn't look good
I'm loving it,!!!!?

Short rig
21. September 2013 17:06

Text book case short rig duty in safe load indicator crane cuts out 5m short operator turns key to override system crane over I've spoke to the operator this is the case here no insurance company will pay out for this I hope this wipes the grin off mr brays face I think the Porsche May have to go back lol. Let's spare a moment how the operator feels a mistake witch happens when your distracted. For a minute or under pressure

Tristam Mayes
21. September 2013 15:31

Who ever was involved with this abortion of a lift needs to be named and shamed, who in there right mind would lift over the public for starters??

Joe Clerkin
21. September 2013 15:18

I'm Loving it.

21. September 2013 11:23

A few things wrong here, and no doubt most of them to save money and cut corners. 1. why was lifting operations being carried out while the resturant was in use. 2. Who planned and supervised this lifting operation, main contractor or contract lift. 3.Why use jacks straight down? when rigger mats and rigger beams half or fully extended could be used(seems sufficent room for a better rig configuration).4.Mcdonalds need to ask if the contractors they use are competent. 5. Crane operator conversant with this type of crane and SLI operating system, and system working correctly.

Float your load
21. September 2013 07:24

1 crane to go !


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