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Bronto Skylift

A semi powered stock picker

March 20, 2013 | Comments (1)

Australian based Custom Ladder Company is launching its Stockmaster Lift-Truk in Europe.

The unit is a cross between a set of podium steps with a two metre high platform, and a stock picker with powered lift shelf. It is pushed around by hand but a box or load weighing up to 60kg can be lifted or lowered at the push of a button to a height of three metres – manual versions, using a hand crank, can lift up to almost five metres.

The Stockmaster Lift-Truk
The Stockmaster Lift-Truk with electric powered shelf

The machine allows the whole stock picking process to be safely handled by one person removing the need for a second person to pass items up or down, or the need to climb down the steps while carrying anything. The unit is 875mm wide and just over two metres long.

The LT 07E three metre electric unit retails in Australia for around $9,000 (€7,000/£6,000) The manufacturer says that it is designed to be a simpler competitor to the Crown Wave platform, but costing around 35 to 50 percent less.

The platform guardrails can be set up to various configurations to provide improved ergonomics and easy access for stock picking, and while a gate prevents anyone accidentally stepping back off the platform.

The unit is manufactured at the company’s Queanbeyan, New South Wales facility and built to Australian and European standards and directives.
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Dan Jenkins
March 20, 2013 12:07

Custom Ladder Company launched the electric Lift-Truk product in mainland Europe last year. The newly-appointed UK distributor is Lift Safe Ltd, based in Oldham, which is also the UK distributor for the Mini-Mobi pedal-powered platform which recently featured on this website. Lift Safe has been in the materials handling business for more than 10 years.




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