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When will they ever learn?

20. February 2013 | Comments (3)

A photo received this morning from Melbourne Australia, is slightly chilling as are the words in the accompanying email.

Taken yesterday in Collingwood, Melbourne it shows two men riding a formwork panel frame, which is being lifted to the top of a building by a tower crane.

While it looks safe enough, as long as the crane does not develop a problem, that the load does not collide with anything and that the slinging is up to snuff! It clearly contravenes all good working practices, would have been visible all over the site and required the collusion of the crane operator.

Two men ride a formwork frame to the top on a Melbourne site

Our reader says: “Collingwood, Melbourne Australia: - two men riding a formwork load one day after a crane driver fell to his death” - A concerned citizen.

Coming a day after a tower crane operator died after a fall on another site in the city, you would think that everyone would be extra diligent and be avoiding such Death Wishes so soon after the tragic event of the day before, regardless of what caused that incident.

Collingwood Melbourne
A closer look

Vertikal Comment

Australia has some of the toughest rules, regulation and guidelines when it comes to crane and aerial lift working practices and safety. Its associations are also among the best in the world and exceptionally pro-active. Yet certain contractors continue to allow sloppy work practices that spoil the efforts everyone else makes to avoid death and injury on site.


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The Greek
25. February 2013 03:05

The Greek
This seems a perfectly legitimate way to operate.
A friend of mine works for WorkSafe and told me that there is no issue as long as they operate under the Aust Standards and referred guidelines.

24. February 2013 08:34

if they have done nothing wrong they have nothing to worry about;;have they?

22. February 2013 03:30

yes looks interesting, but to the previous comment, how do you know that this wasnt designed to accommdate people to install these sections around the silo !!!

Also, please advise the difference of the 1.5m x 1.5m standard man box that was being used a few weeks ago on this site ??? doist it make a difference to you if its pained a different color, yellow for instance.

you commen t in regards to the crane ???? are you serious ??? "if something should happen to the crane" ????

my god man !!!! that means that everytower crane in Melbourne shoould not lift any materials as it could fail and swing against the building.

These tower cranes are rated for 13 tonne, depending in the reach of the boom. abd I dont think that these works that they are lifting are 13 tonne, and not to mention the slings ???? Again are you serious ???? you cannot use slings with steel sections being lifted, you have to use chains !!!!! and I am definitly sure that these chains are over rated for the lift that they are preforming.

All you have done is probably delayed their works for things that you have no idea about !!!!

these people obviously havd had the training with cranes and the capacity and what they can lift to the reach they can lift.

from your comments above it shows that you have little knowledge of whats actually happening.

I wonder if your comment has caused the builder delays ???? if it has should you be paying for the cost of these delays ????

Good to see your observant, but if you have little knowledge of whats going on, keep it your self and NOT post it on the net !!!



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