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Fatal wind farm accident in Germany

4. December 2012 | Comments (6)

A fatal wind farm incident happened yesterday morning at 10am on a site in Mannhagen, northern Germany. The operator of the Felbermayr owned Liebherr crawler crane was killed when a blade dropped onto the cab during the installation of Vestas turbines.

The operator of this Felbermayr crane was killed when the wind turbine blade fell onto the cab.

A statement from Vestas Wind Systems A/S said: “It is not clear at this point what caused the accident. Vestas takes safety extremely seriously and our experts will, together with the crane company and authorities conduct a thorough investigation to establish the root cause of this accident. Vestas has furthermore contracted a third party to conduct an independent investigation”.

The accident happened yesterday morning on a site in Mannhagen, northern Germany.

Vestas says it will provide further updates on the accident one the ‘root cause analysis’ has been carried out.

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Pile Driver
7. December 2012 01:53

Rest In Peace, Brother.

robin hood
5. December 2012 18:11

RIP a very sad story. i have always wondered why their is such lack of protection around crane cabs. look at forklifts for example the over head guard must take the weight being lifted if it is dropped directly onto the overhead guard why is their no protection for crane cabs (this is a genuine question as i am not from the crane industry. my thoughts are with the family of this poor operator.

Old Sweat Old Sweat
4. December 2012 22:50

Very sad,RIP fellow operator.

4. December 2012 20:46

this was bound to happen at some point the rate these things are going up iv'e seen them errect them and it does make me wonder sometimes wheither safety is there 100%, lets hope theres a genuine outcome not that a corner has been cut !!!!

Tristam Mayes
4. December 2012 19:56

Very sad news, our thoughts are with the family and co workers. RIP

Float your load
4. December 2012 17:54

Poor sod, what an awful way to go. Lets hope some decent learnings come from the investigation and soon !



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