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Cusack launches Blulift

December 9, 2011 | Comments (0)

John Cusack, the previous owner of Sky Lift, the Irish aerial lift and telehandler rental company that failed earlier this year, has formally launched a new powered access sales and rental company - Blulift.

The company whose foundations date back to the period shortly after the Skylift closure, says it will focus on the provision of niche powered access equipment, including spider lifts, along with training and maintenance services for all brands of lift, on a national basis from Hubs in Dublin, Limerick and Cork.

It also says that its new operations will strive to be environmentally friendly and as such has devised a ‘green energy standard’, covering working practices at the company’s depots to the provision of fuel options for the fleet. The new company has adopted the same logotype, and logo style as Skylift.

Those familiar with Skylift will recognise Blulift’s logo and branding

Speaking of the official launch, Cusack, general manager of the new business said: “our business model is based on the new operating environment where the emphasis is now placed on efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our equipment focus is on the supply of new services such as self-drive access equipment under our UDrive brand to Blulift spider and trailer lifts catering for very specialist access requirements. The key to our powered access approach is facilitating greater efficiencies for our equipment users.”

“Businesses are now focused so much on costs that powered access solutions must have the capacity to visit multiple sites in a shorter timeframe and work through more jobs contributing to greater efficiencies.”

“The Blulift team includes leading technical and industry experts with many years’ experience and understanding of industry requirements. The volume of sales in the powered access industry is decreasing so equipment owners are looking to maximise the effectiveness of their existing stock.”

“Blulift’s repair, service and maintenance division will provide scheduled access machinery services, access to all branded parts plus regular health and safety inspection on machinery for compliance purposes.”
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