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Bottoms up

12. July 2011 | Comments (3)

The following photos were sent to us from a reader in what on Saturday was a cold and wet Belgium. The photos show a scissor lift providing an excellent podium for famous New York based photographer Spencer Tunick.

The photographer had planned one of his classic nude people photo shoots at Gaasbeek Castle on Saturday. He expected 500 to turn up yet 802 people arrived and took off their clothes to pose for Tunick’s photos in spite of the rain. The hardy Belgian volunteers spent over three hours waiting and posing to instructions hollered from the raised platform of the aerial lift by megaphone.

Instructions are given from the raised platform

The photographer said that this was only the second time it had rained on a shoot, the other time being in Ireland! The scissor lift used for the job? A rugged Genie GS5390 Rough Terrain unit, the photos would look well in Genie’s next brochure? They would certainly catch the eye.

Gaasbeek Spencer Tunick
Volunteering for special photos?
Falcon Lifts


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James Langdale
13. July 2011 08:11

not sure i'd want to be in the Scissor, looking at the outriggers on the near side they appear to be on soft (and wet) ground, with what appears to be a bit of 2x4 bending under the pressure as a mat? admittedly its hard to see if there is anything else underneath.

Holger Johan
12. July 2011 09:26

We should try to get 500 naked people from the aerial work platform business and do the same!? Idea for Vertikal days Leigh? Just imagine :-)

craniac M
11. July 2011 22:08

Why is it that I'm reminded of the old Queen song "Fat Bottomed Girls"? Freddy Mercury would be proud.


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