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Scissor lifting attachment

12. November 2010 | Comments (0)

A couple of weeks or so ago we received photos of an unusual attachment on a Genie Rough Terrain scissor lift that are circulating in Australia.

The photos show a lifting davit attached to the front or side guardrails on the forward roll-out deck extension, word has it that an attachment such as this is proving popular with some Australian end users for lifting materials into place.

However it appears to be an ad hoc attachment fitted either by the rental company or one of its customers..

Scissor crane
A scissor lift with davit crane

In the words of the first person to send us the photos – “it is not approved by the manufacturer, there is no compliance plate, no rated capacity, no amendment to the operator’s manual & no risk/hazard assessment – an accident waiting to happen.”

We contacted the rental company that owned the lift AAH to ask if it was aware of the attachment and if our correspondent was correct.

Scissor crane
A closer look at the unusual modification.

We received an answer from Trent Hogan, managing director of AAH who said: “In relation to the current email that’s being passed around with the incorrect photos and content, this is not an AAH approved attachment and we are currently having the correct attachment engineered and tested to ensure that it conforms to Australian Standards AS1418.10 and AS2550.10.”

AAH Davit
The davit can also be fittted to the front guardrail - but AAH says that it has not approved the attachment

We have waited until now to publish as we wanted to get some feedback from the machines owner. We will follow up with him once it is tested and approved locally. The question is of course how the forces might affect the scissor structure? One assumes that the testing to Australian standards will take this in to consideration?

Crane scissor
Some joker has re-rated it..

We will publish an update once we hear from AAH that the approval process being completed.

We now understand that the device has been removed and was only being used to raise relatively light objects when in the stowed position. AAH is also having a similar attachment engineered and approved to Australian standards.


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