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Scaffold Death Wishes

November 3, 2010 | Comments (0)

Two examples today of crazy people working from scaffolds on the streets of the UK, they were received from the UK’s National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) which will shortly release its findings on scaffold street permit requirements in the UK.

Death Wish scaffold
Our two scaffold erectors at work - forget PPE

In the first two men appear to be erecting the scaffold safety gear is non-existent with a pair of shorts being the only garments each is wearing. One of the men clearly fancies himself as a tight rope walker and is balancing on a galvanised scaffold tube.

Death Wish scaffold
A closer look at the balancing act

In the second example three men are working on a façade from a scaffold that looks as though it is only partially erected. Starting from the left, the first is standing on loose planks on the frame any one of which could tip or slip. The second takes it a step further and while he has a slightly more complete set of planks is standing on some sort of box in order to gain a little more height.

Death Wish scaffold
Three men on a scaffold - hardly four planks between them

And finally we have the ‘piece de resistance’ the third man has just one plank and is working from a kneeling position pointing the wall, his bucket of material is also balanced on the plank and looking likely to drop onto a passing pedestrian at any time.

Death Wish scaffold
A closer look at our three craftsmen

As if all of this was not enough the space under the scaffold which is open to anything the men drop is a designated pedestrian walkway.

Definitely a couple of solid entries for our Death Wish series.

More information on the NASC campaign later today.


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